Born in Zimbabwe and raised in the vibrant landscapes of Mozambique, for over 45 years, Tania Babb has called the southern tip of Africa home, where the spirit of the continent permeates every creation. Her journey as a ceramic artist is a testament to the transformative power of clay, transcending mere cultural motifs to evoke universal emotions and connections.

Her sculptures, while rooted in Africa, defy easy categorisation. African fauna, symbolic and primal, populate her work, with women casually astride elephants, rhinos, and whales—totems of deeper, personal narratives rather than mere representation.

Beyond the African canvas, her sculptures delve into the human heart itself. They explore relationships, vulnerability, and the delicate dance of giving and receiving affection—whether between people or their beloved pets. Each porcelain form speaks volumes through its gestures and etched lines, revealing the intricate dynamics of emotional bonds.

Formally trained at UCT and Ruth Prowes School of Art in graphic design, Tania Babb distinguishes herself not as a mere potter but as a sculptress in porcelain. Her pieces are vessels not for water or wine, but for encapsulating ephemeral moments and profound sentiments, immortalised in fired clay.

Operating solo from her studio in Wynberg, Cape Town, Tania Babb meticulously handcrafts each piece without moulds or assistance, from moulding to glazing and firing. Her dedication is palpable in every finished sculpture, each a testament to her unwavering commitment to her craft.

Tania Babb has exhibited widely, garnered awards, and conducted workshops internationally, including a notable period in the USA. Despite her global reach, she remains rooted in Cape Town, where her sculptures travel the world through dedicated agents.

Visitors are welcome to her studio, where the kiln fires her latest creations. Grateful for her children, health, friends, and the collectors who support her artistic journey, Tania Babb continues to find fulfilment in creating emotive ceramic sculptures that resonate across borders and cultures.