These porcelain miniature sculptures make excellent gifts. They range from 10cm to 20cm. Each one is hand made, unique, and mounted on a block of Zimbabwe Black Granite.

There are 12 in the range and they are made to order. These exquisite porcelain miniature sculptures are perfect as gifts.


These sculptures are approximately 12 cm tall and are clearly depicted as if they are listening and moving to their own music. I create the Dancers on request and I enjoy the way that, when you place them together on a shelf, the spaces between them almost seem to resonate with the music.


Delft Dogs

These 15-20cm pieces are my deconstructed Delft tiles. The tiles have been formed into a 3D sculpture. The dog sculptures have been very popular, and they are the only ones that I am willing to create on commission. What could be a better way to immortalize a beloved pet?

Siri & Alexa

If you ever wondered what Alexa or Siri look like, wonder no more……

Bespoke Ceramics

I specialize in creating bespoke, custom ceramic pieces tailored to your specifications with my own unique artistic flair. I bring your vision to life with attention to detail and creativity. Each piece is handcrafted with care, ensuring that it reflects your individual style and personality. Let’s collaborate to bring your ceramic ideas to fruition!