Design Indaba 2010

” The Design Indaba came and went in a blurr of a weekend where I met so many interesting people and collectors of my work. The sculptures in these pictures were some of the works on show. Some sold before I could capture them on film.

The motivation behind my stand at the Indaba in 2010 was to launch and promote a more matt style of sculpture. I will always make high gloss and gilded works, but this matt range is earthier and the attraction to me was the exploitation of the textures one is able to get in clay. They were well recieved and sold beautifully. Thank you to all those who supported me and in so doing enable me to carry on doing what I love, sculpting in clay.”
Suggested Retail prices below:
Adam, Eve and Child Matt 10cm tall                                  R490
Angel on Strait House 2 gloss 22cm tall                             R850
Bird on Tree Matt 18cm tall                                               R750
Circus Elephant 17cm tall                                                 R750
Colour Plaque Lady and Dog 20cm tall                               R450
Couple and Child Glazed 18cm tall                                    R850
Dancer in relief 20cm tall                                                  R800
Gloss Angel on Strait House 18cm tall                               R850
Lady and shoulder cat gloss 20cm tall                               R900
Lady on Ball with Cat around her Shoulders 18cm tall         R850
Lady on Ellie Matt Mini 15cm tall                                       R490
Lady on Horse Mini 10cm tall                                            R490
Lady, Wavy House and Cyprus 22 cm tall                          R850
Lazy Lion and Woman 12cm long                                     R600
Leopard Bearer 17cm tall                                                 R700
Long Necked Woman 1 25cm tall                                     R850
Matt Angel 16cm tall                                                       R800
Mother and child and hand sepia 22cm tall                        R1400
Mother and child and photostat 1  20cm tall                      R1400
Mother and child on sepia stand 17cm tall                        R1400
Mother and Child Sepia 2 22cm tall                                  R1400
Queen and bird  matt 20cm tall                                        R850
Sad Lady and Cuppacino 23cm tall                                  R850
Sepia Lady and Cat 22cm tall                                          R1400
Sepia Lady and Cat detail
Square headed man 18cm tall                                         R800
Square Headed Woman 20cm tall                                    R800
Water Bearer 25cm tall                                                   R850
Water Bearer 25cm tall (2)                                              R850
Whale Gloss 24cm long                                                  R800
Whale Matt 25cm long                                                    R750
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